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Kite Line

Kite string comes in a ton of different weights and lengths. Your decision is how strong is the wind, and how heavy of a kite line do you need.

We are World Champion, Ray Bethel's flying line OFFICIAL SPONSOR and he uses Shanti Line Sets Exclusively. So if you want to fly like the best, buy Shanti Kite Line!

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Shanti Kites of America
Hardwood Spools
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Kiteline - Bulk Zip Line, Kite String
Price: $17.99
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Speed Line on Tube
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Dyneema Line on Winder
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Kiteline - Bulk Heavy Duty
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Kite Feathers
Price: $9.99
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Kiteline on a Spool
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50 lb Sport Kite Line
Price: $19.99
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