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Red Baron Airplane Kite

New Tech Kites
Item#: NT55731


Price: $34.99
(plus $3.50 extra shipping)

AWESOME looking tri-wing airplane kite. Flys great, easy to assemble, and tons of fun in the sky.

41w x 40in (104 x 101cm), 5-18mph, Spinning Propeller, twister tail, 150ft 30lb test line. (30lb test is for light winds, be sure to get heavier line if you are flying this in winds over 10mph)

The durability of these airplanes surpasses all other manufacturers on the market today. While testing four different kite manufacturers products for flyability and durability, we discovered that New Tech airplane kites just stood out like a shining star.

Best of all we guarantee our kites, so no matter where you are we replace the broken parts for FREE! We have a full parts department, so if you need parts for another kite give us a holler and we will try to match up parts for you.

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