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Beetle Stunt Kite

Flying Wings
Item#: FWB


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Gold/Purp - $65.99

Blk/Red/Gold/Purp - $65.99

One of each kite is still available at this price, after that they're gone.

Industry wide by far one of the very best BEGINNING TRICK kites in today's market. It has a unique flexible micro carbon frame which is considered "Virtually Indestructible" by the manufacturer. The Beetle stunt kite has great wind variation capabilities, beautiful colors, and an absolutely wonderful durability record.

You can't beat the Beetle stunt kite for a beginner. For a few bucks more you can buy the storm absorber kit or the wind range booster kit and she will sail in up to 20mph winds and still perform great. Check out our accessories section and see what you can get to make this one sing.

55.5 x 33in

Flys in 3-15mph

Carbon rods

Heavy Duty Nylon carry case

The Beetle does not include a lineset, so the inexpensive lineset is listed on our accessories page, it is braided Dacron line which stretches approx. the flyer that means it takes extra time for the kite to get the correction signals you just sent up the line.

To change that you can upgrade your kite line if you buy the Dyneema Lineset listed below, it only stretches approx. 4%.......that's a HUGE difference, and the kite responds right away to whatever you tell it to do and this usually avoids a lot of crashing.

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