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Flying Wings

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This is a big wing kite that is fun to fly and does everything you want it to. Great wind range, good looks and dynomite performance.

Designed for the best precision and smooth flying. Its dihedral T-connector gives extra sail depth which enables the Hornet to cruise across the sky flawlessly. The competition tuning system allows adaptation to various wind conditions. The Hornet is an excellent choice for team flying.

95.5in x 40.5in, 2-20mph, wrapped graphite spars, Heavy Duty Nylon kite bag included.

Best of all we guarantee MOST our kites, so no matter where you are we replace the broken parts for FREE! We have a full parts department, so if you need parts for another kite give us a holler and we will try to match up parts for you.

The rods on this kite are NOT guaranteed, however we DO sell them to you at our cost in order to get you up and flying again without a hassel.

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