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Heavy Duty Windsock Pole 16ft - 26ft

Item#: ITB16-19-26


(plus $9.00 extra shipping)

This heavy duty windsock pole is telescoping by size (all telescope down to about 45") and has a swivel at the top to help your windsocks turn with the directions of the wind. Comes in Blue only.

Remember, when you put your pole up DO NOT try and make it very solid in place, you want the fiberglass to be able to FLEX with the wind. We recommend you use the small bungie's with a ball on them, to secure it to a wooden or metal stake so the bungie can FLEX with the wind and so can the pole. For the purpose of wear and tear we use an old tire innnertube or pipe wrapping between the pole and its stake so it doesn't rub on anything and weaken the pole.

These poles come in Green Only and in a variety of sizes, please select your size from the list above.

Due to oversized packaging and weight, each poles has an additional shipping charge.


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