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Flying Osprey

Item#: JKOS

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This bird windsock flys like a real Hawk! I was explaining that to a customer one day and lo and behold a real Osprey flew in to check out the one we had flying on a 30ft pole. High quality Inks used to resist fading. Made of Tyvek NOT PAPER. He has a 44 inch wingspan. Can be flown as a kite or a windsock on a pole.

Realistically depicts a seagull in flight. People will insist you have a bird tied to a string.

Soars across the wind beating its wings. Truly depicts a bird in flight.

Both the Eagle and the Osprey are flown off of windsock poles to simulate true birds in flight and scare away the nusciance birds over crops or cherry trees. If you have a crop setting that's the time to put these out and see the difference. Some of our customers have reported having their VERY FIRST real cherry crop with NO DAMAGE!

Easy to assemble, they fly all by themselves and look so realistic that they even attract their own kind, just to check out your bird and see if he's interferring in their territory.

Made in AMERICA with easy English directions this kit is easy to assemble, the company even puts their own phone number in the instructions so if you get stuck or confused you can contact them for additional directions!

NO Chemical SPRAYS, NO Machinery Running, No COST TO OPERATE! It just DOES THE JOB and Mother Nature provides the wind. Remember to take him down in large storms so as not cause any damage to his ability to fly.

Pre-assembled version goes like this:

* Remove from package

* Peel two-faced tape and press body together

* Install spar across wings

* Attach swivel and line

* Ready to Fly in minutes

Even though one design is considered Assembled, it requires that you connect body and head pieces and put the wing rod in for full assembly. All body assembly has been done for you.

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