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USA Delta Kite

Premier Kites
Item#: P33158


WOW!!!!!! That's about all you can say when you see this GIANT NINE FOOT BEAUTY in the sky. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful our country's symbol of patriotism is in the sky. This delta kite really catches the eye, its absolutely stunning and the wonderful applique sail just makes your heart sing.

What a way to show off our country's flag.

Framed with sturdy fiberglass rods these gigantic sails launch smoothly and gain altitude gracefully, AND it has multiple tail loops for optional sky accessories. The largest one measures a whopping 102in x 53in (that's almost 9Ft across), ripstop nylon, 5-18mph, kite line sold seperatley and the fabulous workmanship of Preimer Kites is built into this beauty.

Best of all we guarantee our kites,

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