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Mini Stained Glass Delta Kites

Item#: MiniKites

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These make TERRIFIC CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!!!!! They are only approx. 2 inches tall, and each is a unique cut of the glass, so no two are the same. They have a silver hook to hang from attached at the top, so you can hang them as a sun catcher, or ornament. I have mine hanging from my kitchen lace valance, they catch the sun beautifully. Some of these have a Mother of Pearl finish on the glass and they are wonderful.

Each piece of glass is different, so the color names are an assortment of the that color.


When your items leave here they packed for travel, but as with any long distance trip, glass can break. Consequently we always recommend you select "insured" shipping. Its not very costly but I believe well worth it. Postage for these items may vary depending on weight and distance and be a bit more to make sure your glass gets to you in one piece. There is NO Free Shipping on Glass Kites.


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