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Ray Bloc

Item#: TRK7RayBloc

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8oz - $12.99

16oz - $19.99

Protection From Harmful UV Rays for all fabric types.

Protects Fabric From Harmful UVA & UVB Rays

Extends The Life Of Fabric

No Odor, No Yellowing, No Stiffening Of Fabric

Water Based, Not Solvent Based

Enhanced With Aqua Armor Waterproofing

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, JUST PERFORMANCE.

We used to offer 303 for sun protection of the outdoor fabrics, however we discovered that there are parts of the fabric world that 303 just does not work on. So we did a ton of research and found Ray Bloc and our customers are trying it on all the different windsocks. So if you've used 303 in the past, please try Ray Bloc and then send us a note as to how it worked for you. We've been told it even works on NATURAL fibers, which is something that 303 does NOT DO!


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