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Commissioned 12 Ft SuperSock

Item#: WE12ft

was $349.99

(plus $12.00 extra shipping)

Holy Moses! If you thought the 10ft sock was cool, wait till you see this twelve footer! ! ! As you can see from the photo, Dave looks dwarfed next to this beauty.

Measures 12ft tall x 24" diameter throat. As with this entire line of flags and windsocks, made right here in the USA of UV resistant oxford cloth.

This item is NOT for a telescoping windsock pole. It should only be flown off of a very large kite, or a steel pole!

As always, we recommend you treat these with Ray Bloc Fabric Protectant to preserve and protect it from the outdoor elements.

Due to oversized packaging, actual shipping fees will be added to your final order amount.

This item ALWAYS ships INSURED, so actual shipping fees will apply.

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