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Darth Maul Poster Star Wars Kite

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Is this kite KOOL or what? Ready to take to the sky and do battle, this NEW Darth Maul Star Wars Kite is sure to please all the STAR WARS fans, no matter what age they are.

Measurements: 40" x 30" (101 x 76cm)

Includes: kiteline on handle, & 20ft. tails

Made of all Nylon

The kiteline that is included with this kite is VERY LIGHT and will not stand up to rogue wind bursts. So if you are actually going to fly this kite and not just hang it on the wall, we suggest you purchase a 50 or 80lb test spool of kiteline (depending on the winds in your flying area) to insure you get to come home with the kite and not just a kiteline handle as your kite takes off in the sky without you.

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