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20th Anniversary Rev Kite

Item#: REV-Anniv

was $359.99
Price: $339.99

This limited edition 20th Anniversary Revolution 1.5 kite was designed with one wing in the original sail pattern and the other in the John Barresi Signature Series sail pattern and has been assembled with their new "Race Rod" frame.

To give it a little more sizzle than the rest of the Rev's, they've taken the draw string bag and added a custom patch to complete the 20th Anniversary look! Each kite is also signed and dated by the Hadzicki brothers themselves! They are indeed a limited edition of 250, after which the templates will be destroyed, never to be made again.

This COULD be your LAST chance to get an original, so don't hesitate! This is our LAST ONE!!!

Wind Range: 2-12 mph

Wing Span: 91"

Frame(s): 1/4" Race Spars

Lineset and handles sold seperately.


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