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Odyssey Sport Kite

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The Odyssey is a marvel of the new age and a gorgeous kite! A sport kite designed to accompany the flyer on their travels with ease. The frame breaks down to a svelte 21 inches and the fully assembled kite blossoms to 6 full feet. Designed to handle a variety of flying styles.

The travel case is a PVC tube covered in fabric with kite logo on outside, so it will take a travelers beating and keep on treckking. You can keep this one in the trunk of your car and set groceries on it, drop it, shut the trunk lid on it and it will still be in excellent condition because the tube is meant to take the impact of whatever accident happens. This is the ONLY sport kite we've seen that has a kitebag prepared to take the beating traveling can have on kites.

Flight School Instructions

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Carbon Rod

Weight: 8.5 oz

Size: W 72" x H 35" (183 x 81 cm)

Wind Range: 5-20 mph

Flying Line: 80# Spectra on Micro Winder and Stake

Expandable kite tube

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