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Christmas Ornaments Table Runner

Item#: RunrOrn

Price: $44.00

This beautiful Christmas Table Runner is made a bit special to handle heat from large platters and trays and not transfer that heat to the wood table top. Made of all cotton high quality quilting fabrics.

The backing fabric is a 100% cotton muslin. The White on White Snowflake Print on the front is a white pattern on a white background that you see in the photos.

These are a bit "special" because they are lined with Heat Redirecting Batting. Yep, there really is such a thing.

I discovered that I had been serving very hot plates on my gorgeous dining table and the placemats DID NOT protect the finish and now it has those white cloud marks in it. So I figured, if potholders can be made with heat resistant materials, why not placemats and table runners? Everyone likes them, so I am starting to make them available here on Web. Check back often, because I will be adding all kinds of products like table runners and hot pads and placemats in all sorts of colors and some of them will be HEAT REDIRETING!

Machine wash on gentle, dry with like items, can be steam ironed, but be cautious around the jewels.

Made of High Quality quilting fabrics. No two mats are alike . This is a ONE OF A KIND table runner. Hand stitched trim and quilted by me. Each placemat has two linings, one for heat protection and then Warm n Natural Cotton batting beneath that to insure your table is highly protected. The jewels on each end are set with Gem Tac jewel glue. Each table runner measures approx. 55 in Long x 13 in Wide Christmas items are seasonal and as such are not return or refundable.


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