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Photo Gallery

Above It All Kites photo gallery has a ton of kite photo's but it is also a library of our life as kite retailers. From the friends who come to visit every year and the customers who have become great friends, we appreicate the kite community as a whole and hope you all enjoy the kite photo's here.

2013 Found Old Pic's - Dave's Delta Conyne's

There were a LOT of people on the beach that day offering a hand as we stuggled with NO WIND and 100 handmade custom kites to put up.

After Kites comes FOOD - Dave Style!

Ya gotta love a good apatite!

2012 WSIKF

How many Delta kites can you get in the sky? Just one more!

2012 Banner Parade

These were so colorful and beautiful to see all lined up like this. Still miss havin Al at the head of line though!

2012 Flow Form Day

These are just beautiful in sky! and HUGE!!!

2012 Interresting new Cellular Kite

This was just gorgeous in the sky!

Dave's Pirate Banner Farm

Doc's New Pirate Banner

Dave's been sewing again, and once again got creative with the banners that were left over after the fire at the store. They make such kool banners, now he's already got folks asking about making them up for sale. Hmmmmmmmmm...........

2010 Ferry Ride on a Gorgeous Day

Astoria to Portland results in a Ferry Ride on a BEAUTIFUL sunny day.


Once again, we are back home where we've been for more than 10 years.

2010 Oregon's Field of Honor

The MOST AMAZING THING happened the other day!

2009 Burnt Yd Spinner Hill

Our Collection of 'slightly' damaged yard wind wheels has grown considerably lately!

2009 ALMOST a Kite Store Again!

We be OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Wahoooooooooo!

2009 NEW STORE Setup

New Kite Store Comes Together

2009 Inside Burnt Store

Inside Kite Shop Fire

2009 Kite Store Up In Smoke

Above It All Kites store goes up in flames!

2009 Kite Store Fire

2009 Kite Store Fire

2007 Storm of the Century

NO Power, NO Radio, NO Phones and NO TV for 5 days!

2007 Bill Gobel Honored Fly

October 13th, 2007 a group of kiters get together in honor of Bill Gobel's amazing kites and windsock. What a BEAUTIFUL day too, sunshine and blue sky's made for a FABULOUS day at the beach.

2007 October Gobel Windsocks

Are these windsocks AMAZING or what?!!!

2007 Gobel Arch

NEW thing this year........a Gobel Arch!

2007 Doc's new Ride

Doc, of course, shined up his new ride and got shots of the kites reflecting in the new car. KOOL HUH?

2007 National AKA Kite Convention

INDOOR Mass Assention for Sport Kites

Look ma, he followed me home!

We were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempted to bring this baby home with us, but I managed to talk Dave out of it, well at least for the time being. Maybe next time.

When Snail's Fly

Most folks talk about Pigs flying, but this Snail flew FABULOUSLY!

Kevin's Noodles take the Prize

Kevin Sander's Noodles took first place I believe.

Launching a 40 FOOT Delta

This 40ft Delta was a SIGHT to see!

Native American Inspiration

The Native American inspiration for these kites certainly put some very impressive kite makers to work.

Revolution Kites

There were only four new Rev skins this year. Some MUCH better than others, although they all flew well.

Single Line Kites of Note

Bazzer's Orca Take FIRST PRIZE!

Dave's 22ft Conyne with the SuperDuper Sock & Fish

These windsocks are just FABULOUS!

Just Plain Pretty

Some MIGHTY FINE cars on Broadway.

Comin and Goin

Now this fella actually painted his own car ON his car.

Spit Shine

Some cars just SHINE in the sunlight.

2007 Dave & Doc Launch a Big Fish

It just doesn't get any better than this. Good friends, sunshine, PERFECT wind and a huge clown fish to fly.

2007 Rod Run, Seaside Oregon

Is this Radio Flyer KOOL or what?

2007 WSIKF

As always, Doc arrived with a CAR LOAD of stuff to put in the air. But this year, he finally got rid of the old truck and came in a brand spankin new ride. Its KOOL!

2007 WSIKF

It sure wasn't hard to tell where Bert was this year.

2007 WSIKF Ma Burley

Ma Burley and her Energizer Bunny banner were all fired up and ready to hang with the best of them.

2007 WSIK Robert Brasington

Robert Brasington brought his spinners for us to watch.

2007 WSIK Deb Cooley

Deb and Ken were obviously having a great time.

2007 WSIK Fish Farm

Swimming Fish field. These are so KOOL and all are available on our website for sale.

Dave Presents Ray with Banner

Dave presents Ray Bethell with the banner he made for him.

Ray Hugs Dave

It was wonderful to see two great friends hug!

Dave Rolls the Banner out!

Ray has NO IDEA how big this banner is, or what it says!

Put the dang thing in the air!

They finally get it put up on the pole!

Ma Burley & Son Mike with Sam

Looks like the gang has successfully gotten Ma's son HOOKED on kites too!

The Boss Man

The boss man checks out new products!

The next generation

Three more Colbert kite nutts!

2005 Festival - Ray Bethell Banner

Dave (standing next to Ray on the left) gives Ray Bethell the banner he made for him.

2005 Long Beach Arch

See what can happen when you turn the towns Mayor's son loose with a Pepsi truck!

2006 30ft SuperDuper Sock Throat

This LOOKS like a kalidoscope, but its really the inside of our SuperDuper 30 ft windsock.

2006 Banner Farm

Doc's idea of a Banner Farm

2006 Crowd on Bolstad

2006 WSIKF on Bolstad

2006 Dead Air & Fog

As busy as it gets during Kite Festival, dead air and fog is ALMOST the norm for some days during that week.

2006 Die Hards Fly in Fog

Some people will try to fly in ANYTHING!

2006 Doc's Custom 30ft SuperDuperSock

Doc's custom 30ft SuperDuper Sock

2006 Doc's Puppy Dog

Premier's Puppy Dog is Fabulous!

2006 WSIKF

WOW! Jordan Air with a 20 ft Custom Fish Windsock!

2006 Our Booth

2006 Booth at the beach.

2006 WSIKF Sam

2004 National Conference

MASTER FLYER & MASTER KITEBUILDER strike up another deal!

2004 National Conference

Irish Chain from Australia

2004 National Conference

Pot o'Gold

2004 National Conference

Chinese Gals

2004 National Conference

Peter Lynn has been busy!

2004 National Conference

The biggest fish I ever saw!

2004 National Conference

Paint The Sky with Kites

2004 National Conference

Scott Skinner

Jester Fly's

This is one AWESOME kite.

Awesome Celulars

Some absolutely wonderful celular kites!

Big Al's Parade

Big Al Councilman leads the opening WSIKF Parade, ain't he pretty!


Ready, set, launch your inflatables!

Sport Kite Championship Begins

Setteling down to watch the competitors.

Competition Crowd

As the crowd looks on the competitors start their routine's.

Zach & Kelsey

Kelsey Hayes and Zach Colbert take a moment out of their day for a portrait!

Strolling Around the Competition

Taking a walk around inbetween the grueling competition.

Field of Twisters

WSIKF 2000


100 Foot Octopus

Doc's Kite

Doc has a really nice set of kites...


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