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Single Line Kites of Note

Bazzer's Orca Take FIRST PRIZE!

Each of these Single Line Kites were BEAUTIFUL in the sky, but some received better reviews by the judges than others. As for ME, I think they are equally beautiful. I'm not quite sure why PAINTED KITES are judged in the same catagory as APPLIQUE, as these are two EXTREMELY DIFFERENT mediums, but hey, its the big wigs who set the rules and play the games not me.

Photo by Keli Colbert


KOOL new kite design from Robert Brasington


First Prize


Took a Prize, but I don't remember which one.


I THINK this one took a celular prize, can't remember which one.


I just thought this was a terrific way to remind everyone that if we were all naked there would be NO WARS!


I am a MAJOR New Orleans and Mardi Gras nut, so this one captivated me for quite some time.


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