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2007 Storm of the Century

NO Power, NO Radio, NO Phones and NO TV for 5 days!

This storm really kicked the hell out of coast communities here in the NorthWest. Ilwaco reported wind gusts of 135mph, and we ALL lost trees on our properties. We were lucky as we had just had the one largest tree next to our garage topped the week before the storm hit. We only had small portions of roofing tiles fly off, no real damage was suffered by us and we Thank God for that every day.

Photo by Keli Colbert


You can see the power pole hanging over the trees that are already down on Sandridge Road.


We are actually sitting on top of the top 6 feet of the tree trying to get around it. But in the distance you can see that there are trees down across the road for as far as the eye can see.


The power pole is actually hanging on the tree that's been blown over on Cranberry Rd. There sights like this everywhere we looked.


This is Highway 101 as the waves crash over it and deposit logs, large rocks and tons of wooden garbage. It was closed right after we got through it. You can see how high the waves are breaking, so it was "Pass at your own risk", rather than what the sign says "Pass with Care".


These trees are a VERY ODD sight, as they look like one ENORMOUS wind gust knocked the top off of every single tree on the hill in one blast. The entire hill looks wild and is on Hwy 26 as you head into Seaside Oregon.


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