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2009 Kite Store Up In Smoke

Above It All Kites store goes up in flames!

On Friday May 29, after 10 years of hard work, sweat and tears our Long Beach kite store went up in flames.

Although we're not sure what the REAL STORY is as to just exactly HOW this happened, it seems our employee was in the back room fixing a kite and while burning the end of the kiteline to stop any fraying, she walked away thinking it had cooled down and was fine, only to come back and find a small fire on our workbench. Panic set in and she ran out and the entire store went up in flames. The story has changed however everytime someone asks her how this happened, so we really aren't sure what exactly happened.

We have procured another building in town down on the corner of Bolstad and Main and over the next couple of weeks will be painting and setting up once again. Limited to stock in our warehouse for the moment however, so no telling what you'll find in there, it COULD be very adventureous.

Photo by Keli & Dave


Firemen at the front of the store.(Photo curtesy of the local newspaper.)


Remember the glass counter inside the front? This is that counter.


From the front door to the back door.


Dave standing inside the middle of the store.


Center of Store


Front Door Area


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