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2009 ALMOST a Kite Store Again!

We be OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Wahoooooooooo!

Well, its taken two weeks, but the store is up and running. We opened up on Saturday June 20th while we continue to put things up on the walls. It has a LONG WAY to go to be as highly decorated as the last one, but its up, its running, and its already made over $700.00! Not much but its a start!

Thanks to EVERYONE who have pitching in with helping hands and stories to lift our spirits. This is NOT an easy thing to do, as Dave's entire kite collection from all over the world went up in smoke and he is literally heart sick over this!

From the ashes, we stand again, and go forward with the help of tons of people! Every one of you who stopped by to offer assistance have been a rey of sunlight in our day!

More Pictures to come as we get the store set. Stop by and say hello. Our official GRAND RE-OPENING will be July 4th Weekend. Come buy a kite, get raffle ticket, and some fun!

Photo by Keli


All new counters....wahoo!


This building is not very wide, but its extremely deep, so the kite wall goes on forever!


Got all the new racks put together and inventory hung up! Not done yet though....more to come in the next couple of days.


We've already changed our minds about this wall........


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