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2010 Ferry Ride on a Gorgeous Day

Astoria to Portland results in a Ferry Ride on a BEAUTIFUL sunny day.

We travel to Portland a LOT! This day we were on our way home when the traffic stopped dead and we could see loggers pulling off the road and looking for alternative routes over the mountain. Not knowing for sure what happened and seeing about 20 vehicles ahead of us "parked", we decided to do some exploring.

After driving up and down a few logging roads, we turned around and headed back to the ferry that was only about a mile behind us. As often as we've driven past the road to the ferry, we've never taken it before, and seeing as how we weren't going anywhere for quite a while if we stayed in line with the rest of the cars, we opted to take the ferry across the river and drive home on the WA side of the river.

When the ride was over we were glad we did. This is a VERY small ferry, only 10 or 12 cars, and not much room to open a car door and get out, but what a nice relaxing way to get home. Got some terrific views of the river we've never seen before as I crawled out the window and set up on top of the cab. I didn't even know there is a small colony of homes back in there....felt so much like Huck Finn, just couldn't resist the temptation to crawl out on the window and get photo's of the places as they went by.

Photo by Keli


Pulling away from the dock you suddenly realize you AND our vehicle are floating away. Odd feeling.


Got a shot of the ferry captain and the cottages in the background.


The river splits in the middle and there was a container ship coming at us from the north side of the split.


Cool little community on the white sand beach. MUST come back and look at this a bit more one day.


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